About Us

RivetDirect Inc., founded in 2000, offers a complete line of high quality engineered blind fasteners. Our product line includes aluminum, stainless steel and steel rivet nuts, aluminum drive rivets, aluminum trifold (exploding) rivets, stainless steel open and closed-end blind rivets, and stainless steel semi-structural self-plugging rivets.

Our customers install fasteners in a wide range of products. Our stainless steel rivets are installed in pizza ovens and aluminum boats, in commercial refrigerators and metal buildings, in air handling equipment and pharmaceutical drums. Our aluminum rivets are used in race cars and custom cases, in metal lockers and car wash equipment, antennas, shock charges and ice fishing shelters. Our drive rivets can be found in aluminum window frames, concrete forms, truck trailers and trailer liners, ornamental and aluminum fencing and street signs. Our rivet nuts are installed in commercial kitchen equipment, electronic enclosures and off-road vehicles.

We supply engineered blind fasteners that meet all applicable industry standards in industry-standard dimensions.